BizDev International Inc.

Taking your innovation from a simple idea to a real business opportunity.

Business Development

The purpose of our business development model is to take a novel idea and build every possible value added solution in order to transform the idea into a business opportunity that is presentable to potential big buyer or potential financing partner.

At the beginning of the process we will work closely with you to find the optimal financing solution for this initial work. In order to keep the cost of development very low, we have established a network of partners that we can engage at any time at very controlled costs to address every task in the development model.

We will take care of filing patent applications to secure the novelties in the design.  during the  and companies to identify key big players that are interested in their technology, develop a business plan and setup a start-up company to take their ideas into an advanced business level that would attract key buyers of the technology.  

We will take care of delivering a complete document that will assess user requirements, engineering challenges, preliminary IP position, risk assessment, preliminary regulatory path and project plan. This information is crucial for you to present your opportunity to Venture Capital partners or to acquire financial help to pursuit in house development. In case you choose to develop the business by your self, we will setup the legal entity of your company and all what is related to it including business plan, trademark, web site and other important task to be done.