BizDev International Inc.

Taking your innovation from a simple idea to a real business opportunity.

Business Development  »

Headquartered in Montreal, we are specialized in bringing your medical design to reality.

We partner with professionals or inventors of new technologies to take their simple idea and transforming it into a real business opportunity through a novel business model that can bring value to share holders.

Our expertise of the north American market, will help you find the right financing partner or government support program that would support the development of your novelty.

Product Development  »

With our diverse and highly skilled expertise, we provide consultancy services in the development of medical devices, including brainstorming of novel ideas, strategy for intellectual property, market research, and prototyping.

Our professional expertise led many product to successful acquisition by big player in the field. We specialize in the development of catheters, surgical tools, software, hardware subsystems.

We will take care of all aspects of the complex FDA, CE Mark and Health Canada regulatory filing process.

CryoEngineering  »

We are one of the highly skilled company developing cryogenic devices for medical applications including cryoablation catheters, probes and associated equipment and accessories.

Our expertise brought on the market the first cryoablation devices that are compliant with the FDA, CE Mark and Health Canada requirements.

We specialize in the selection of the cryogenic gas, developing refrigerant delivery system, designing cooling segments for catheter and probes, safety features and user interfaces.