BizDev International Inc.

Taking your innovation from a simple idea to a real business opportunity.

Our Capabilities

We provide help to medical professionals to take their novel idea into a business opportunity.  Our business model is focused on assessing the market need for such novelty, brainstorm and document the technical specifications of the design, develop first generation prototypes that are suitable to animal study used to prove the concept. 

We will take care of filing patent applications to secure novelties in the design.  During the development process we will identify companies that are interested in your technology, develop a business plan and setup a start-up company to take their ideas into an advanced business level that would attract key buyers of the technology.  

We will take care of delivering a complete document that will assess user requirements, engineering challenges, preliminary IP position, risk assessment, preliminary regulatory path and project plan. This information is crucial for you to present your opportunity to Venture Capital partners or to acquire financial help to pursuit in house development. In case you choose to develop the business by your self, we will setup the legal entity of your company and all what is related to it including business plan, trademark, web site and other important task to be done.


Our extensive experience in the research and development of novel medical devices has been helping many customers in the medical field to perform independent design reviews, develop complete design requirement specifications and setup design control system.

Our understanding of the requirements of FDA and CE mark make us a key organization for guiding our customers to develop a safe and efficient design practice within his organization.

We provide independent software and hardware verification and validation plan and conduct independent testing that leads to a solid and bug free design that meets customer needs.  


Intellectual Property

We provide preliminary patent search in order to understand the competition landscape, establish international IP strategy, setup an invention discloser system to protect ideas as they are developed and provide a preliminary IP assessment plan that reduces the risk of any future conflict.

Our partnership with key intellectual property offices around the world, provided us a fast drafting and filing for Trademarks and patent applications, prosecution of patent files and conduct freedom to practice studies for clearance of any patent issues related to design features. We provide prior art search and help in any IP conflict.